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Barbarians of Lemuria 

Barbarians of Lemuria: Mythic Edition

Barbarians of Lemuria is getting a new edition!

The rewrite is just about complete. There aren't too many new rules and what changes there are should make the game even more streamlined. Look out for a Kickstarter; we're talking about Spring 2014 for the launch date.

In the meantime, you can still pick up the Legendary Edition of Barbarians of Lemuria via RPGNow (pdf) and LULU (softcover and hardcover).

The most popular of Beyond Belief Games' role playing games, Barbarians of Lemuria is swords & sorcery role playing at it's best. Don't take my word for it - see these reviews from RPGNow:

"Finally a system that does sword and sorcery properly."

"BoL encourages you to play a sullen northern barbarian, a savage jungle tribesman or cunning desert nomad and play it to the hilt."

"BoL splits the skulls of all other fantasy games to the teeth with a single, savage blow. A simple system that effortless recreates a specific genre leading to swift, exciting play."

"At it's core, BoL is perhaps one of the best RPGs I have ever played. Simple and intuitive, the rules blend into the background and let you get on with the adventure."

"This is a masterpiece. I can't deny it. Or, better yet, like I've said at first, this is a gem. Grab it. You won't be disappointed."

Check out a review of Barbarians of Lemuria here

Barbarians of Lemuria has thousands of fans all over the world and has been translated into French, German, Catalan and a Portuguese edition is due soon.

Not only is BoL great for sword & sorcery roleplaying, with a few tweaks it can be used for other pulp-style genres. Fans have created a number of conversions, which you can see at the Lords of Lemuria forums. In addition, there are several published books:

Dogs of W*A*R - modern mercenaries in the style of Mack Bolan and Phoenix Force

Barbarians of The Aftermath - a superb post-apocalyptic conversion

Heroes of Hellas - Fantastic adventures in Mythic Greece

Dicey Tales - 1930's pulp action, investigation, mystery and adventure

Legends of Steel - a sword & sorcery setting for Bol, set in the land of Erisa

Honor & Intrigue - swashbuckling adventure for BoL, with additional rules for dashing swordplay and derring-do 

League of Heroes - Super Heroic roleplaying for BoL (playtest draft for download)

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